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July 6, 2018
Robot’s 3rd FiA-versary
July 6, 2018

4th of July Circle Circuit

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: Lucky Charms
  • Pax: Lucky Charms, Tutu, Peaches, Sarge Bhama Mama, Motor Yacht, Deuce, Ice Cold, Running Horse, Bones, Jeepster, Bob The Builder, Putter, Kitty, Mile High, Offspring, Whisk, Pino, Tongs, Niche, Bookie, Heeler, Passport

It was so awesome to have such a great turnout for our 4th of July workout.  We warmed up by coming down the beach ( yup- apparently we are not used to walking in sand!) and stretching a bit on our own.

The Thang:

Tabata workout of 3 circuits of 7 exercises with 90 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest between each one. The exercises were: burpees, push ups, curtsy lunges with bicep curls, broad jumps, star jumps, squats with overhead press & lunges.

Next we made up way to the waters edge where there were 2 cones about 100 meters apart. The instructions were to get from one cone from the other however you wanted either in or out of the water ( swim, hop, run, walk, crab walk, bear crawl or skip).  Most of us opted for the water option which was so amazing after being so hot and sweaty!!! We held plank until everyone arrived then we made our way back to the other cone and help a partner wall sit until the rest of the pax arrived.

The finisher:

We did about 10 minutes of abs surfside….yes…most of us literally sitting in the water. it was SOO much fun.

We completed out workout with our namarama and circle of trust feeling grateful for our strength , each other, our county and our freedom.  Maybe most surprising and special of all was Jeepster bringing us all sparklers to light up at the end.

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