Bring 5-10 pounders-A Steel Magnolias Pre-Blast
March 13, 2018
AirRaid BB: Glutes & Gams
March 13, 2018

3/10 HWY51 BB

  • When: 03/10/2018
  • Q: Kai-Lan
  • Pax: Double Trouble, FNG-Amanda-Boulevard

Turns out only a few ladies were up for the cardio/high rep challenge – ha! Double Trouble and I met early to ruck a quick 3 on the greenway, and then FNG-Amanda joined us at 8am to get the official Hwy51 hour started. She had to jet early so no naming happened (Q-Fail), but she joined the Cougar Town crew on Monday and was named Boulevard – welcome!!

So here’s what we tackled on our Sat morn:
Quick warm up with 15 cherry pickers (IC), & 10 ankle rotations each direction, each foot
Then we jumped right in…today’s challenge started with 99 reps of 4 exercises, 9 burpees, run to other side of parking lot; then 88 reps of 4 exercises, 8 burpees, run back to other side of lot, then 77s, 66s…etc. We started running short on time, so improvised at the end and had to cut a few of the exercises, but it was definitely a full hour of fun!

99 Mountain climbers
99 LBCs
99 Inner thigh lifts (50 ea side)
99 sec Deltoid back squeeze (engage 10 sec, shake it out, engage…)
9 Burpees
Run to bottom of lot

88 High knees
88 Bicycles
88 Side lunges
88 Peter parkers
8 Burpees
Jog backward to top of lot

77 Jumping jacks
77 Flutter kicks
77 sec Wall sit
77 Bicep curls
7 Burpees
Run to bottom of lot

66 Cross mountain climbers
66 LBCs with flutter kicks (these kind of happened)
66 Skaters
66 sec Plank hold
6 Burpees
Carioca back to top of lot

55 Butt kickers
55 Imperial walkers
55 Squats with arm raises
55 Tricep chops
5 Burpees
Run to bottom of lot

44 Seal jacks
44 Raggedy Anns
44 Plank jacks
44 Arm circles
4 Burpees
Jog backward to top of lot

33 Russian twists
33 Toy soldiers
33 Overhead press
3 Burpees
Run to bottom of lot

22 Pirates of Caribbean
22 Plank Frogs
22 Carolina dry docks
2 Burpees
Side shuffle back to top of lot

11 Greg Louganis
11 Inch worms
1 Burpee

Thanks for coming out, ladies!!

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