Iron shoulder domination
April 24, 2018
“AND we ran a mile!”
April 24, 2018

2018 Colonial 70

  • When: 04/22/2018
  • Q: Papyrus
  • Pax: Stitch, Grand Slam, S’Mores, Braveheart-Respect!, FNG-Brianne (Forrest), FNG-Amy (Bushwhacker)

I know I am not the only one who has been so excited for a race they could not sleep. Come on, I know you are out there. Well, the Colonial 70 was no different. We met Friday night at the house of an FNG (shout out to Forrest) who lives closer to the start. This allowed us to get up at 12:30am instead of leaving home at 11 pm and essentially pulling an all-nighter. Back to not being able to sleep—I was just paranoid we would sleep through our alarms and miss the start time. Thankfully, after less than 3 hours of sleep and a slow start we were out of the house and on the way to Hanover, VA at 1:15am.

Many FiAs are acquainted with the Palmetto 200/70 race. Well, the Colonial 70 is a sister race. While our F3 brothers ran the 206 miles from Charlottesville to Williamsburg, FiA Hampton Roads took on our first major challenge as a group and ran the 78.66 miles from Hanover to Williamsburg. And let me tell you, that extra 8.66 miles is no joke.

I had run the Palmetto 70 in 2017, so I knew what to expect, but the rest of the team was antsy about running at night and on back roads. It was comforting to see the police out following runners and providing a safety presence to help keep other motorists from speeding around the curves.

As mentioned earlier, this was the first major event FiA Hampton Roads has conquered and I could not be more proud of the PAX who ran. We had some overcoming injuries who could not finish, but others were able to step up in their place displaying the true spirit of team work. We had most break records of how many miles they had run in a day. We picked up a dog along the way and we hope we returned him to his rightful home. We had A LOT of team spirit and encouragement. We found out that we were absolutely #strongertogether and #bettertogether and that was the only way we stayed the course and finished the race. We may have been the last to cross the finish line, but we crossed it together. Thank you to Forrest, Stitch, Grand Slam, S’mores, Bravheart and FNG Bushwhacker (our lovely driver and support runner) for running this race with me. I am so proud of you all for the hard work and the accomplishment of this race. Also, thank you F3 Hampton Roads for supporting us as we crossed the finish line. I look forward to having TWO FiA Hampton Roads teams out there next year!

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  1. Laura Jane Milligan says:

    This was an amazing race. Our FIA ladies are the best, and of course our FNG’s. You ladies rock and I am so very proud of all of us. This was a major accomplishement for all of us. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of an AWESOME & AH-MAZING group of ladies. I can’t wait to do this again.

    Braveheart !!

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