Steel Magnolias BB
January 4, 2018
Layers, Layers, and More Layers!! 2 degrees, Windchill -9 degrees!!!
January 4, 2018

2 Stars & a Wish

  • When: 12/30/2017
  • Q: Tinker
  • Pax: Bagheera, Peachtree, Van Gogh, SUP, Fullback, Miller

It turned out to be a balmy 32 degrees for our last workout of 2017. We paid homage to our AO MoneyPenny (shout-out to Peachtree for getting it al started). We also said good-bye to 2017 by sharing 2 stars (2 things we were proud of or that made us happy from the year) and a wish for 2018.

WU: 20 JJ IC / 5 walkouts / 10 GM IC / jog around the parking lot w/butt kickers & high knees mixed in

The Thang:

Countdown w/these exercises, starting at 10

Monkey humpers
Overhead claps
Nippler merkins
Elbows to knees
Y raises
Plank jacks
Elbow planks to regular planks (or as Miller & Fullback like to call them, “up, up down, down” – but I needed an “E”)
Narrow squats
Negative splits (jog to the other end of the parking lot at about 60-70% effort & run back at about 80-90%)
Year end burpees!

Group Countdown: First Pax choose an exercise (10 reps), next Pax chooses another exercise (9 reps) and so on around the circle.


-20 Crunchy frogs (I say “Money!” & you say “Penny!”)
-Not so lazy girl: lean back / learn right / middle / lean left (hold each position for 5 count)
-20 Hello dollys
-20 Never cross dollys

Leap into the new year: leapfrog w/a partner to the first island, do 10 dips, jog back

Name-o-rama and QOD: “Find your flow, that’s yours and yours alone, and ride the wave that is your life.” (Oprah) Shout-out to Van Gogh for her wish for all of us: to cherish each and every moment each and every day in 2018!

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