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July 7, 2018
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July 7, 2018

2.0 Christmas in July

  • When: 07/07/2018
  • Q: Holy Toledo
  • Pax:

🎄🎅🏼🎄🤶🏼2.0 Christmas In July Workout, Saturday 8:15, Mt. FiA🎄🎄🎅🏼🤶🏻

Warm-Up (Form a Large Circle) Who-Ville Circle
– In Cadence, Jolly Jumping Jacks
– Toy Soldiers
– Touch Your Twinkly Toes

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas-
Song was played and every time we heard the word Grinch we did a Burpee. We ran in place and/or did jumping jacks in-between.

Split up by each family: 11 CHRISTMAS STATIONS TOTAL:
Stations (2 min. at each station, 1 min to get to next station and set up)
1) All Aboard The Polar Express: Christmas Train
– Run thru with 1 Foot In each Rung
– Run thru with 2 Feed in each Rung
– 2 Foot Hops
(Repeat until 2 min. is up)

2) Ornament Run (practicing for decorating Christmas Trees and other Christmas Decorating)
– Run to 1st ornament and back, 2nd ornament and back, 3rd and 4th
– Skip to ornaments
– Shuffle (Repeat until time is up)

3) Hurdles (Used for practice in jumping over obstacles in the toyshop and in homes when delivering presents).
– Leap Over the Hurdles
– 2 Foot Jumps Over The Hurdles
– Weave in and Out of the Hurdles (Repeat until time is up)

4) Collect The “Candy” (colored balls spread out over field)
– FiA Pax member call out one color at a time and collect only that color candy to place in the bucket, pair it with a movement and do it as fast as you can. (i.e. Red Candy, Jump Back to Bucket or Blue Candy Skip back to bucket, organe Ball Twirl back to Bucket, Yellow run back to Bucket etc.).

5) Exercises – 10 Peppermint Twists, 10 Reindeer Kicks each leg, 10 Santa Jacks, 10 Build a Snowman, bottom, middle and Head (Rocket Squats)

6) All Elves form a Straight Line, Pass Heavy Package “weighted ball” down the line, and back, hold a squat if you are able. Push the Present under your legs and then tap the 10x’s fast with your toes and pass the present down the line while everyone else holds a squat.

7) Stack The Presents (run to get present/cones spread out across the field), one at a time, and stack the presents/cones back in a pile. 3 Star Jumps or 4 burpees (gingerbread boy/girl jumps) must be completed before stacking the presents/cones.
😎 Elves Helping Santa deliver presents Christmas Eve- Practice crawling (bear crawl) to the first candy cane, and Tip-Toeing back, Crawl to the 2nd candycane and tip-toe back repeat for cones 3, 4, 5 and 6.

9) Elves must be able to listen to directions and demonstrate Quick Reactions, FiA Pax Member Calls out Color and Shape and All Elves try to get their foot on the shape. Once they find the shape, quickly call out the next color and Shape. Call out an exercise at each shape.

10) Santa’s Long Sleigh Ride (Wall Sit) Sing Jingle Bells or Some other Christmas Jingle while you wait.

11) Complete 5 Exercises For SANTA (S- 10 Sit-ups), (10 Alternating Lunges), (10 Ninja Kicks,) (10 Tuck Jumps,) (10 Absolutely Amazing Star Jumps). Then run down to the bottom of the hill and get a letter, running back up the hill and placing it into the Santa mailbox for delivery.

Come back to Whoville Circle
– For 1 minute, FiA members hold a squat and kids run around the circle.
– For 1 minute, FiA members hold a plank and hold out their left hand and kids skip around the circle giving a high-five. Kids switch directions and FiA pax hold out their right hand it get a high-five.

Thank You to all the women and kiddos that came out today and worked so hard! It was so neat to meet all of the amazing kids we hear so much about! MERRY CHRISTMAS (in July).🎄🎅🏼🤶🏻 

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