November 6, 2017
Jerribou Preblast: Anti-Arborway
November 7, 2017

1/2 mile repeats

  • When: 11/06/2017
  • Q: Steel
  • Pax: Osceola, Flying Pig, Megaphone, CWR, Napa, Elle Woods, Breezy, Lighthouse, Cabbie, Mittens, Snow White and Goofy

Since this is only our second week launching from this location, I had to do some scouting beforehand.  I found that a straight shot down Market Street is .5miles.  Sounds like my workout just wrote itself.

Warm-up with some slow butt kickers, lunges and arm circles while I explained the WOD.  Apparently we (actually me) forgot to tell Napa about the location change.  But she still made it before we left (impressive).

The Thing:
We ran down Market Street until Sutton (stop light) at our 5K pace.  We could either recovery run back the .5 or wait 2-3 minutes to recover and then run back the .5 at our 5K pace.  The goal was to keep our 5K pace the same for the entire workout.  This can be challenging the more miles you run (plus there is a slight incline on the way back to Starbucks).

Things I learned:
The sidewalk isn’t that bad on Market Street.  160 is definitely worse.

Lots of sprinklers need adjusting.  Not sure some even hit the front lawns.

Acorns are falling and sound super loud when they bounce off someone’s hood of their car.

No one gets lost when you have no turns on your run.

These ladies crushed it (even though I knew that was going to happen).


The Skinny:
I know many girls are intimidated by coming to a running workout.  They think they aren’t fast enough or can’t go the distance.  Today was a great example of you going as far as you can and being able to see girls throughout the entire workout.  PLEASE feel free to shout out that you are coming to a Monday 5am workout and let people know if you want to run/walk or maybe only make it 1/2 mile or have NO idea how far you can go.  I bet there are other ladies in the same boat and would love a running partner.

Thanks for all of the encouragement ladies.  It is so much easier to run when you have other girls pushing you along.  No better way to start the week.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”-Christian D. Larson


FiA Fort Mill gear is on sale now.  Don’t miss out!
Prayers for Elle Woods and Osceola’s friends that are both battling Breast Cancer.

Starbucks down Market Street to Sutton-.5miles
Sutton (at Market Street) to 160-.6miles
160 (QT) to Starbucks-.3
Starbucks to Kingsley (Munn Rd/stop light)-.4miles
Kingsley road (stoplight) to traffic circle-.5miles
Munn Road-1.1 miles (sidewalk does not go down the entire road)
Starbucks to Front Street (last entrance of Baxter)-1.0miles

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