Flying Squirrels and Burpee Broad Jumps
December 29, 2017
Its Faarking Cold Out!!
December 29, 2017

12 days of Christmas, Take 2…

  • When: 12/23/2017
  • Q: Sike!
  • Pax: Spike, Thunder, Lightening, FNG-Yankee, FNG-Hood

After being kicked out of the parking lot the previous Saturday, I decided to keep the same workout and just actually make it through the whole thing!


After a quick warm up, here is what went down:

At one of the corners of the coliseum, we did the 12 days of Christmas, So Day 1, then Day 2-Day 1, Then Day 3-Day 2-Day 1…etc.  All the way to 12!

One the first day of FiA Christmas…1 run up the hill.
On the 2nd day…2 squat jumps
On the 3rd day…3 alternating lunges
On the 4th day…4 calf raises
On the 5th day…FIVE GOLDEN BURPEES!! (we all really loved these!)
On the 6th day…6 overhead presses
On the 7th day…7 robot arms
On the 8th day…8 maracan night clubs
On the 9th day…9 leg raises
On the 10th day…10  LBC’s
On the 11th day…11 hip bridges
On the 12th day…12 full sit ups


You ladies were awesome and a big welcome to Yankee and Hood!  You ladies rocked those hills!

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