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July 11, 2018
We Fancy Backblast 7/11
July 11, 2018

11 ladies rocking the 11s

  • When: 07/10/2018
  • Q: Chick- fil-
  • Pax: Ivory, Mama Moose, Holy Toledo, Gypsy, Fosse, Crayola, Gears, Flip Flop, Bonfire, Bluegrass
BACKBLAST! We had 11 lovely ladies for the return of the 11’s, this time hitting Rivercrest Park. We melted under the hot sun but got through it, a little stronger than before we started!
The Thang:
11’s: Jumping Jacks and Squat Thrusts
– 3 min jog
11’s: Jump squats and Squat Pulses
– 3 min side shuffles
11’s: Pushups and Air Presses
– 3 min sprints up the hill
11’s: Shoulder Taps and Peter Parker’s
– 3 min cool down jog
Ended in COT

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